At the beginning of July of 2019, I happened to visit the Lukshudya — Kilmez line, the Uva — Torfyanitsa stretch. The line towards Kilmez’ is interesting to many from a historical point of view. The road itself was built in the 40s of the last century. Quote from the video on the construction of this line: “The new road will connect the largest industrial centers with the forests of Udmurtia.” It is easy to guess from the quote that this site was built for the export of timber from the forest industry enterprises (Vavozh, Kokmozh, Surek, Kilmez stations). It should be noted that there was a passenger train # 605/606 on the route Izhevsk — Kilmez.According to the 1989 schedule (source, the passenger train arrived at the station. Kilmez at 23:00 and set off back to Izhevsk at 4 in the morning, the number of cars reached 15–18 passenger cars. However, passenger traffic was closed in the 1990s and was restored until st. Kokmozh in the 2000s for a short period.

At the moment, the line operates only to the station. Surek, freight traffic on the site is carried out several times a week. The section Uva — Syurek today has the status of an access road from the station. Uva.

From the photographs you can see that the track, among other things, like the embankment itself, is used as a sidewalk by local residents. Most likely, they use the embankment to teleport movement to neighboring villages, judging by the maps, the railway is the shortest route.

Actually, the first pickets of the line and a well-trodden path.
View from the overpass over the entrance to the village of Ryabovo
Station Torfyanitsa, or rather, its remains
“… on a farm near Dikanka”
“Some kind of peat factory,” said a local resident.
The 87th kilometer of the line, and the kilometer itself. In this and the next two photos, the line goes around the village of Ryabovo, and then, through the village of the same name.
The well-trodden path is evidence of regular pedestrian traffic. The path connects the two settlements. There are a lot of pedestrians on this site.

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