I want to tell you about a city that lives thanks to the existence of factories on its land. Basically, people think in stereotypes. And they think that if there is one industrial zone in the city, then it is ugly. Of course, there is some truth in this. But the city is beautiful or not — it depends only on us. In this article I want to prove to you that the devil is not as scary as he is painted. And so I made a selection of beautiful photographs of one of the Russian industrial cities — Izhevsk.

At the beginning of July of 2019, I happened to visit the Lukshudya — Kilmez line, the Uva — Torfyanitsa stretch. The line towards Kilmez’ is interesting to many from a historical point of view. The road itself was built in the 40s of the last century. Quote from the video on the construction of this line: “The new road will connect the largest industrial centers with the forests of Udmurtia.” It is easy to guess from the quote that this site was built for the export of timber from the forest industry enterprises (Vavozh, Kokmozh, Surek, Kilmez stations). It…

If in detail: on September 14 last year, my friend and I had planned a mini-outing to the village of Kekoran, the Udmurt Republic. It is worth noting that the settlement is popular among photographers, travelers, ethnographers and other romantics. And for good reason! The place is really picturesque! (I speak as a photographer).

A small selection of photos from this area, as well as its description, are given below.

Church built in 1884

I’ll tell you about another Post office where I used to work. There were no stories here as such. There were funny characters. All right, let’s go!

From time immemorial, pigeons have always been the most reliable carriers in Russia!

I’ll start with characters from the delivery department:

1. Aunt Olya, two years old, retired, works part-time at the post office, helps children with a mortgage, and builds a house with her husband at the same time. The most adequate character in that department: fair, kind, will always help. For her years, she does not look, follows herself, looks younger. She’s smart. She likes to work less, in cunning ways she comes up…

This text will focus on one interesting transport system in Belarus. Just so about the Mozyr tram.

Three trams in the photo at once! The illusion is created that the movement is frequent

A bit of historical background: Mozyr is a city of regional significance. It is located in the Homel region, the center of the Mozyr region. The city is located on the Pripyat River, 9 kilometers from it is the satellite city of Kalinkovichi. The population is 105,700 people. Mozyr is one of the oldest cities in Belarus. It was first mentioned in 1155. Throughout its history, it was part of three principalities: Kiev, Chernigov, Turov, and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1917…

In my blog I will talk about the peculiarities of life in Russia, mentality and beautiful, interesting places.

For three summer seasons I worked at the Russian post office. In this article I want to talk about the state structure called “Russian Post”.

In general, the work of the delivery department of the post office goes as follows: first of all, the foreman or sorter begins to sort the evening mail of the previous day according to the sections of each postman. The next stage is unloading and sorting of morning mail. At the same time, registered mail is registered…

Here I would like to share my impressions of the Belarusian Railway.

B & Ch — Belarus and Chygunka (Railway)
1. Cheap and nasty.
2. Soul rolling stock.
3. Railroad workers.
4. Freedom.
5. Attitude towards rolling stock.
6. Development of suburban traffic.
7. Low prices.

Diesel train DR1A-315 prepares for departure from Homel to Kalinkovichi

Cheap and nasty

The first thing, that came to mind when I was asked what impressions I had from the Belarusian Railway — two words from the title. As strange as it may seem for a resident of Russia, somewhere outside of Russia there is cheaper transport. Yes, I was amazed at the prices…

Ilya Marchenko

I am a photographer, traveler, philosopher, amateur psychologist, I love my life!

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